Cracking The Leadership Code

How can responsible citizens and democratic societies assess objectively the performance of their leadership and respond accordingly? How can we achieve sustainable competitive advantage in leadership supply? What if we had a magic wand to mass produce best-in-class leaders?  If successful, what impact would this have on our organizations and communities? This post uses analogy and inferences from the field of physics to provide practical insights into the the nature of the social phenomenon of leadership and its psychological dynamics

A Reading in an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) From 3000 Years Ago

This article presents an analysis of an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) of a conflict that took place 3000 years ago in Jerusalem during the reign of King David. The sheep of a sleeping shepherd strayed overnight into the land of a farmer (the plaintiff) and devoured its entire harvest. Taking an eye-for-an-eye approach and since the value of the herd turned to be equal to that of the lost harvest, King David ordered that the farmer takes possession of the herd in return. Displaying a finer understanding of the nuances of the incident and taking a broader socioeconomic perspective, Solomon proposed the integration of the productive assets of the disputing parties into a time-bound, purpose-specific enterprise with the ultimate aim of restoring and expanding the socioeconomic well-being of the both parties and society at large.